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Remote JANE 's alternative to your old remotes.

Replaces your remote at 433.92 MHz or quartz and ....


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ORIGINAL REMOTE CONTROL - Remotes CAME - ORIGINAL REMOTE CONTROL - Remotes CAME - Remote CAME TOP 302M - Model out of production goes into the details to purchase the replacement model. Came TOP302A_30.900MHz

Remote CAME TOP 302M

CAME Model out of production goes into the details to purchase the replacement model. Came TOP302A_30.900MHz

 Remote control Came 302M, old frequency no longer approved, 30.900Mhz. can be replaced by a device.




Came Top 2


Characteristics of the old model.

Name: Came TOP302M

Frequency: 30,900 MHz.

Key color: Green

Cover Color: Blue (also available in Black version)

Encode: Fixed code

Programming: the keys accordingly.

Dimensions: 84X19X41 mm

Category: Remote control for gates



Commande à distance Came TOP302M- deux canal , coque noire, 2 boutons verts avec 30.900Mhz fréquence.

Remplaçable par télécommande compatible

Came Top 2

Caractéristiques de l'ancien modèle.

Nom: Entré TOP302M

Fréquence: 30900 MHz.

Couleur des touches: vert

Couvrir Couleur: Bleu (également disponible en version noire)

Codage: Code fixe

Programmation: les clés en conséquence.

Dimensions: 84X19X41 mm

Catégorie: Télécommande pour portes

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